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Construction Safety Mesh

Uses: Be mainly used to prevent people, things go down, be used to avoiding, minimizing injury blow falling objects, protect the safe of height operators and pedestrian and maintenance the clean of building site.


  1. Mesh density, average vertical safety net is only 800 mesh per 100 square centimeters, while the mesh density of the product up to 2000 mesh / 100 square centimeters. So it can prevent falling of gravel, bricks, etc. which the bottom of an area of 100 square centimeters, its safety performance is much larger than other similar products.
  2. Using the special knitting method of straight-chain multi-gate structure, which consists of a set coil and another set of straight-chain throughout the three laps back and forth the coil posed mesh. Its anastomose non-slip, knot solid, not easily deformed mesh, the size of mesh body stability; solid and durable, lightweight and the price is also lower than common safety net.
  3. Ventilation is good, and does not affect the light and closed operations can be realized and beautify the construction site.

Note and maintenance:

  1. To avoid net be dragged over rough surfaces or sharp edges;
  2. Prohibited items or people who rely on accumulation of pressure to the safety net;
  3. To prevent people jumped into the net or objects within the network;
  4. To avoid falling into a large number of welding fall into security fence;
  5. To avoid the acid and alkali fumes around the fence;
  6. Must frequently clean up the attachments of safety net, maintaining surface clean;
  7. When the safety net pollution by chemicals or net body embedded in coarse sand and other foreign bodies may lead to wear and tear, should be washed, washed, natural drying;
  8. Torn off and a slight overlap at the loss, you must immediately repair.
Safety Mesh
Safety Mesh - 01
Safety Mesh-02
Safety Mesh - 02
Safety Mesh Packing
Safety Mesh Packing
Safety Mesh Carriage
Safety Mesh Carriage
Name of an article specification Safe load Safety coefficient
Cargo net 6 × 8 0.35 2.10
Cargo net 8 × 10 0.41 2.48
Cargo net 10 × 13 0.59 3.12
Cargo net 10 × 16 10 × 160.65 0.653.90 3.90
The steel wire hangs the network Have made to order according to the demand φ8.7-65 0.86-48.6

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