Construction Safety Mesh

Uses: Be mainly used to prevent people, things go down, be used to avoiding, minimizing injury blow falling objects, protect the safe of height operators and pedestrian and maintenance the clean of building site.


Note and maintenance:

Safety Mesh

Safety Mesh - 01

Safety Mesh-02

Safety Mesh - 02

Safety Mesh Packing

Safety Mesh Packing

Safety Mesh Carriage

Safety Mesh Carriage

Name of an article specification Safe load Safety coefficient
Cargo net 6 × 8 0.35 2.10
Cargo net 8 × 10 0.41 2.48
Cargo net 10 × 13 0.59 3.12
Cargo net 10 × 16 10 × 160.65 0.653.90 3.90
The steel wire hangs the network Have made to order according to the demand φ8.7-65 0.86-48.6
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