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Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass mesh by alkali coating is a kind of new geogrid materials for reinforcement of road surface and bases. This product is made with coated fiber glass yarn. It has excellent properties like high alkali-resistance; good cohesion, flexibility, tensile strength, etc. Alkali coated fiberglass mesh can be widely used in wall heat reservation system, water-proof and preventing cracks.

Fiberglass mesh offers high tensile strength in vertical and horizontal directions, low elongation, high elastic modulus, high and low temperature resistant properties.

Fiberglass Mesh
Fiberglass Mesh - 01
Fiberglass Mesh-02
Fiberglass Mesh - 02
Fiberglass Mesh-03
Fiberglass Mesh - 03
Fiberglass Mesh-04
Fiberglass Mesh - 04

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