Reinforcing Welded Wall Mesh

Reinforcing welded wall mesh is a prefabricated reinforcement consisting of parallel series of high strength, cold-drawn or cold-rolled wire welded together in square or rectangular grids. Each wire intersection is electrically resistance-welded by a continuous automatic welder. Plain wires, deformed wires or a combination of both may be used in reinforcing welded wall mesh. Welded plain wire reinforcement bonds to concrete by the positive mechanical anchorage at each welded wire intersection. Concrete structures are being successfully and economically reinforced with high-strength and uniformly distributed wires in reinforcing welded wall mesh.

The smaller diameter, closely spaced wires of reinforcing welded wall mesh provide more uniform stress distribution and more effective crack control in slabs and walls. The welded cross wires hold the reinforcement in the proper position, uniformly spaced. The ease and speed with which reinforcing welded wall mesh can be handled and installed considerably to reduce placing time, resulting in reduced cost. Reduced construction time is of particular benefit to the owner by affording earlier occupancy and reducing total (project) cost. The presentation will cover fabrication, various applications and advantages of welded wall mesh in reinforced concrete structures.

Estazolam Plate

Reinforcing Welded Wall Mesh - 01

Estazolam Plate

Reinforcing Welded Wall Mesh - 02

Reinforcing welded fabrics is specially designed for floor heating reinforcement. The welded wire sheet is mainly used for installation & fixing of heating pipes or cables; strengthening heat isolation sheet materials; and increasing the load-bearing of the floor surface.

Surface Treatment: Electro galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized.

Features: The reinforcing welded sheet has the strength welding spots, the uniform metallic color and precise openings.

Reinforcing welded wall mesh is a new type of wall material for building. It can substitute floor slab of brick wall, main wall, balcony and veranda. It has the characteristics of sound insulation, earthquake proof, water proof, simple construction, light weight. Besides, it can save the engineering cost.

Reinforcing welded board network is a new wall materials used in construction. It can replace brick wall for various load-bearing walls, non-load-bearing walls and floor, balcony and so on. It has expanded the use of the building area (10% - 15%), insulation, noise, seismic, water, construction of simple, self-respect and other light features, while significantly reducing the project cost.

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