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  • Reinforcing Welded Wall Mesh

    Reinforcing Welded Wall Mesh is one type wall material for building and construction. It substitute floor slab of brick wall. Surface treatment is electro galvanized or hot-dipped galvanizing.

  • Wall Insulation Mesh

    Wall insulation mesh is often used fiberglass mesh as wall insulation materials. It is used for exterior insulation finishing systems and waterproof roofing.

  • Rib Lath

    Rib lath, expanded rib lath is made of stainless steel, galvanized steel material. It is used to provide high degree key for mechanical bonding with plaster.

  • Floor Heating Mesh

    Welded wire mesh is used for floor heating reinforcement. It is installation or fixed with heating pipes. Galvanized welded wire mesh for floor heating application.

  • Anti-Slip Expanded Metal Walkway

    Anti-Slip Expanded Metal Walkway is ideal for slippery platforms and stairways where you require a non-skid surface. Expanded Metal Walkways Materials Aluminum, carbon steel and copper.

  • Expanded Metal Construction Mesh

    Expanded Metal Construction Mesh is popular in construction and architecture. The expanded metals for construction have crescent expanded metal and micro expanded metal mesh.

  • Perforated Metal For Door Decoration

    General Introduction of Decorative Perforated Metal for Architectural Mesh

  • Guarding Mesh

    Guarding mesh with galvanized guarding mesh, stainless steel guarding mesh types is used to prevent the falling of people or thing, or to avoid buffer falls and physical attacks.

  • Wall Plaster Mesh

    Wall plaster mesh or expanded metal mesh for wall plaster is used for wall plaster project, civil building, workshops and constructions.

  • Shule Plate Net

    Shule plate is a new type architecture wall material. With the characteristic of heat-insulation, sound insulation, it is widely used in building and construction.