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Our factory manufacture and supplies reinforcing mesh, welded wire panels, fiberglass mesh, angle beads, brick wall reinforcing mesh, safety nylon mesh, high ribbed formwork, shule plate net, reinforcing bars, reinforcement stirrup, rib lath, avoid demolition template, moulding board mesh, floor heating mesh, and so on.

To be Creditable
We promise timely delivery, guaranteed quality and good after-sales service to customers. Only insisting in the principle of sincerity, an enterprise can establish himself stably in business in the long run.

To be dedicated
We will consider and try to satisfy every requirement of customers.

To learn
To learn is origin of our development. We encourage every people of our company to keep learning and have tried to create such chances.

To Innovate
To innovate is to develop. We have wire mesh welding machine experts and R&D staff, professional machines and design software to meet your needs.